Sleep hygiene tips

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Sleep Hygiene Rules

 Rule 1

Do not go to sleep until drowsy

Rule 2

Get up approximately the same time each morning – max sleep-in weekends – one hour

Rule 3

Do not take naps

 Rule 4

Do not drink alcohol later than two hours prior to bedtime

Rule 5

Do not consume caffeine after 4pm or within 6 hours of bedtime

Rule 6

Do not smoke within several hours prior to bedtime

Rule 7

Exercise regularly, but avoid strenuous exercise after 6pm

Rule 8

Set up sleep environment to be conducive to sleep

Rule 9

If eating prior to bedtime make it a light carbohydrate snack


  1. Do not use your bed for any activity apart from sleep – no TV, talking telephone, worrying, eating.
  2. Establish regular routine prior to bed – wind down at least one hour prior to sleep, clean teeth, set alarm etc.
  3. When in bed, turn out lights. If not asleep within 20-30 minutes, get out of bed and engage in non-stimulating activity until feeling drowsy.  Return to bed.  Repeat the steps above until you fall asleep.

 Other options

Relaxation – breathing, muscle relaxation, yoga, meditation, hypnosis.

Thought stopping – repeat word ‘stop’ every five seconds.

Paradoxical intention – attempt to stay awake when in bed.

Cognitive restructuring – address irrational beliefs about sleep.